Hari Simran Singh Khalsa


Hari Simran Singh Khalsa is a teacher and trainer of Kundalini Yoga teachers. He is 3HO’s and Yoga KRY Kundalini Accademy’s member. He is Sat Guru Charan School of Reflexology founder and Educator of Sat Guru Charan’s therapists, he teaches Foot Reflexology in Italy and abroad. He’s president of ADO – UISP –Reflexology Area. Master Yogi Bhajan’s […]

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The School


Sat Guru Charan school was founded by  Hari Simran Singh Khalsa in 1996 with the aim of diffusing the method he himself coded. The method is the matching of two experiences: the relationship with his Master Yogi Bhajan and his own experience in foot massage as a form of relaxation, regeneration and renewal. The first goal […]

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School of Reflexology


  Sat Guru Charan is a method and a school of foot massage. Though included among other Reflexology methods, our treatment requires that the operator acts in a state of meditation and awareness. We deal with training operators and trainers, and give the possibility of individual treatments. If you contact us, we can find  the nearest therapist […]

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